by Late Georgian

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Suspension 03:59
Entropy 03:54
Spontaneous 09:52
We have been brought up to experience ourselves as isolated centers of awareness and action, placed in a world that is not us; that is foreign, alien, other; which we confront. The real deep down you is the whole universe, and its doing. Your living organism, and all its behavior, it’s expressing it as a singer sings a song. We need to experience ourselves in such a way that we could say that our real body is not just what’s inside the skin, but our whole total external environment. Because if we don’t experience ourselves that way we mistreat our environment. We treat it as an enemy, we try to beat it into submission. And if we do that, comes disaster. We exploit the world we live in; we don’t treat it with love and gentleness and respect; we cut down millions of acres of forests to turn it into newspapers of all things. Lovely trees turned into information about nothing. And we don’t replace them properly. We kick the world around, in revenge, for feeling that we are really puppets which the world kicks around. So my main point, last night, was that we need a new kind of consciousness in which every individual becomes aware that his “real” self is not just his conscious ego. You know, lets take the headlight of a car: The headlight shines on the road in front The headlight does not shine on the wire that connects it with its own battery. So, in a way, the headlight is unaware of how it shines; and in the same way we are unaware of the sources of our consciousness. We don’t know how we know. There was a young man who said though, “It seems that I know that I know; what I would like to see is the eye that sees me when I know that I know that I know” And so we are ignorant of, we ignore, it doesn’t come within the scope of our attention, how it is that we manage to be conscious; how it is that we manage to grow our hair, to shape our bones, to beat our heart and to secrete all the necessary fluid that we need from our glands. We do it but we don’t know how we do it. Because, you see, underneath the superficial self which pays attention to this and that theres is another self more really us than I and if you become aware of that unknown self the more you become aware of it the more you realize that it is inseparably connected with everything else that there is; that you are a function of this total galaxy, founded by the milky way and that furthermore that this galaxy is a function of all other galaxies. And that vast thing that you see far off in the telescopes you look, and one day you’re going to wake up and say Why, THAT’S ME! and in knowing that known you see that you’ll never die. You are the eternal thing that comes and goes; it appears now as John Jones and now as Mary Smith now as Betty Brown and so it goes forever and ever and ever...


Isolation is a collection of tunnel visions, escapes, meditations and experimentations that have helped me forget about my troubles for a time and focus on one thing: my music. It may take some patience but I hope you enjoy these songs as much as I did making them.

“If one will begin with certainties, one will end in doubts; however if one were content to begin with doubts, one will end in certainties.”
- Sir Francis Bacon


released September 24, 2012

All music written, performed, recorded and mixed by Josh Cinquemani except the lyrics to "Man in Nature" (by Alan Watts).
Recorded at home, all rights reserved.


all rights reserved



Late Georgian Denton, Texas

A diary of sounds.


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